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NPTI LogoThe National Personal Training Institute (NPTI) is the nation’s largest system of schools devoted to training interested individuals to become personal trainers, consisting of over 30 schools spread throughout the country with 1000’s of graduates every year. The Northern Virginia school is one of NPTI’s founding schools and is considered one of their flagship programs and serves students from Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC.

CPR - AED Certified LogoNPTI VA is a 600 hour long ACCSC accredited program that results in a diploma in personal training, a certification in basic nutrition, and CPR/AED certification.

The 600 Hours Are Broken Down Into 6 Key Blocks of Information:

  • 100 hours on exercise program design
    Students will understand how the body responds to exercise and will have detailed knowledge on what kind of programs to set up with their clients.
  • 100 hours on anatomy and physiology
    Students will learn how the systems of body work and we will study the bones and the muscles of the body, which all personal trainers should have a deep understanding of.
  • 100 hours on nutrition
    Students will received detailed knowledge on carbohydrates, fats, proteins, water, the micronutrients, human metabolism and how to help teach clients how to lose or gain weight and improve their health and body composition.
  • 50 hours of didactic learning
    Students will set their own pace and have some say in their education with this course, but ultimately students will complete 50 hours of instruction in more ‘real world’ scenarios – be it shadowing a trainer, completing an intern with a company, attending special Continuing Education Classes, or other more hands on options.
  • 50 hours of specialty classes
    Students will attend specialty classes, outside of their regularly scheduled class time, to learn about specific topics in detail. Such topics might include how to train and work with athletes, how to work around injuries, understanding the strength sports, advanced programing for strength, advanced cardiovascular programming and conditioning, and training philosophies.
  • 200 hours of practical experience
    Students will go the gym each day they are in school, usually during the last part of classtime. Some portion of the gym time is instructional, where the instructor will show the students how to use all of the machines in the gym, the free weights, advanced training tools, everything a trainer needs to know to be successful. The second portion is an actual workout time, each day the student will workout and will practice working out with or training a fellow student. This is the fun time of the day where we get to take all of the information we are learning the classroom and apply it in the gym.

Take the NASM Certification Exam FREE OF CHARGE!

Successful completion of the program results in a diploma in personal training resulting in the title of Certified Personal Trainer (NPTI-CPT), a certification in basic nutrition, and certification in CPR/AED. Students may also choose to take the NASM certification exam FREE OF CHARGE (a $700 value) if they wish to do so.