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Becoming a Personal Trainer in Virginia

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Our innovative and comprehensive program at the National Personal Training Institute in VA has been designed to give you the skills you need to become a successful personal fitness trainer. In addition to 300+ hours of classroom instruction, you’ll experience 200+ hours of supervised, hands-on fitness center time actually designing a programs in a client or trainer role.

An Extensive Educational Program in Virginia for Personal Training

  • 600 Hour Comprehensive Program
  • 5 hours a day, 4 days a week for 6 months
  • or 9 hours every Saturday for one year.
  • State Approved

In-Depth Coverage of Client Evaluation and Exercise Program Design

  • Complete fitness assessment and client evaluation
  • Exercise program designed for all goals
  • Intensity and volume modification
  • Proper sets, reps, and rest intervals

Detailed Anatomy and Physiology Instruction

  • Body planes and types of movements
  • Origin/Insertion/Action for all major muscles of the body
  • Micro and macro anatomy and physiology of the body and cells
  • Extensive Anatomy and Physiology terminology

Detailed Nutrition Instruction

  • Coverage of macro and micro nutrients
  • Detailed analysis of the body’s energy systems
  • Extensive discussion of popular and fad diets and myths
  • Instruction on proper diets for fitness, performance, and health
  • Practice in simulation of nutritional consultation

Practical Internship

  • 6 months of hands-on experience in a fitness facility with a personal trainer
  • Over 50 sessions of simulated, real-time experience as a personal trainer
  • Full coverage of all exercises and machines including balls, bands, and weights
  • 6 months of challenging workouts
  • Journal record keeping for both workouts and nutrition

Students who successfully complete our 600-hour personal training program will receive:

  • A diploma in Personal Training, which includes 100 hours of Nutrition
  • CPR/ First Aid/ AED Certifications

Job Placement Assistance for NPTI VA Graduates

We employ a full-time placement coordinator at our corporate office who maintains a listing of current jobs available, locates potential employers, and assists graduates with job placement in your area. Learn more.