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Have you told a friend about NPTI yet?

//Have you told a friend about NPTI yet?

If you have gone through the NPTI program, then you already know just what kind of a program we are and the quality of trainer we turn out.  We know you had an awesome experience with us.  Please share us as an education option with any of your friends who have ever considered working in the fitness industry.

If you don’t know that much about NPTI, let me highlight a few key points.

Who we are – we are a school for people who want to become personal trainers.  Many trainers become certified by only going online, but unless you are dealing with only online clients, I can’t see how online training can prepare one for a hands on job such as a personal training. 


What we do – We will teach you everything you need to know about fitness and personal training.  If you are new to the field or if you already have significant experience, we will cover everything from A-Z that is necessary to enable you to deliver fantastic personal training sessions to your clients.  If someone is going to pay you $60 or $80 or $100/hr, you owe that to them.  Our main focuses includes learning Nutrition (you will be certified in Nutrition as well as a Personal Trainer when you graduate), anatomy and physiology, and exercise program design.  In addition we have an extensive practical focus of the program, we spend at least 2 hours everyday in the gym learning how to use the equipment, how to spot our clients, and actually working out.  We believe personal trainers should not only know what they are talking about but they should walk the walk.    

  Personal Training Certification Maryland

Why we are the best – NPTI is the nation’s largest system of schools devoted to personal trainers.  We do one thing and we do it very well – we teach people to become personal trainers.  We are approved by the Department of Education, accredited, we accept the GI Bill and Federal Financial Aid.  We have an 83% job placement rate, highly rated staff, and access to the best facilities.  But don’t just take our word for it, read our 70+ 5 star reviews on Facebook, Yelp or listen to what our students have to say about us on youtube  Our students love our program because it is fun and at the same time they get in great shape and learn everything they need to know to become a personal trainer. 


Did we mention that the GI Bill will pay for the school in full and pay YOU to go to school!

We also have Financial Aid for those students that qualify.

NPTI has classes starting soon.  Have you told a friend about NPTI yet?

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