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Get the Edge!

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Don’t Leave Your Personal Training Career to Chance

Not only do NPTI graduates have the edge when it comes to skills and training, they also benefit from nationwide job placement assistance.


You just completed NPTI’s 600-hour program and you are interviewing for your first job…two other people apply for the same job (…your “competition”)

Skinny ManYour Competition

  • A person who paid $199 for a “weekend” 16-hour course taught by a part-time teacher
  • A person who studied in their basement apartment, plowed through an on-line, open book test and had no hands-on training

Your competition proudly displays their “certificate.”


Your Personal Training Certifications

Flexing manYou show your NPTI Diploma, which includes 100 hours of nutrition along with your CPR and AED certifications. You explain how you know about the in-depth coverage of client evaluations, exercise program design, risk stratification and how to provide a client with the best personal training experience.

You gladly accept the job…and it’s suddenly crystal clear WHY you picked the National Personal Training Institute to begin your personal training career…because you know it’s NOT just about “selling,” it’s about being an educated, professional personal fitness trainer.

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